Saturday, March 19, 2011

♥ my holiday --- SUNWAY with classmates =D

heeeee =D went sunway with my dear clasmates on 14th march =)

me and ying ....

me and see moon ..

we dindt enter sunway lagoon im a bankrupcy as well =X

then we go the 主题餐厅theme restaurant ..
toilet ~ haha

and a man beside our table .. free us a coupon tat can change tis ..=D
西米露 =)yummy ~

then i order this ...
actually is icecream =.=

duno wat pattern m i =.=

haha.. i look so noob in this picha plz =.=

ying . seemoon. me . elroy ^^

firaun !! xD

to be continue =)
♥ S T A Y    T U N E D   ♥