Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dear Victor :)


Sooo .. 
This is the second year celebrate this day with my love =)

I am so lucky to have this boy to be with me . 
All the time, Every time.

Since I can't go anywhere for the valentine's day .
I thought we won't have the celebration and all . 
Maybe a bit disappointed but always comfort myself that is just valentine's day . 
Is just a day . We can stay sweet every day but not only this day.

But when i already alright with everything , 
He appear in my office all of a sudden.
Meet me purposely for lunch during my lunch hour.
Bring me for lunch ... and is .. SUSHI ! =')

Accompany me , save all the money he have
 and spend 80% on me.. sometimes even more..

I am truly sorry to my boy.
Because i don't have enough of time to prepare present for my boy..
I am very very very guilty and sad because i can't finished all the present i wanted to give him..

He don't mind.

instead of disappointed he comfort me to not let me feel guilty. 
And told me that valentine's day is not all about giving present. 

And said that I am already a very good present for him .

Touch like garrrrrr T~~~~~~T
Cry like nobody business yesterday 
Hah ;')

Dind't know that still got this one guy who so care about me. 
so sayang me . 
so deep deeep deep
rolling in the deeeeeep

Yeah . I understand that we maybe still don't really understand
What love really is . 

Like what he told me.
We need to understand ourself more first only understand the other. 

instead of worried losing each other. 

I don't know whether this story of us will last forever or end anytime.
We don't know . 

But just for this time being . 
I appreciate all the time we have .
Enjoy all the moments when we are together.
Loving all the memories we created.
Counting the days we been together .

All the laughters, the tears, the joy, the arguement, the friendship,
the song we both love, the movie we watched together, the stupidness of us, the fight of us ,
the tight hug., the silence between us, the every day goodnight call,
his soft voice, his smile, his present, his love.

And everything that related to us.

Smiling while typing is kinda dumb but yeah 
I am really really glad  and lucky to have you walk into my life,
and be a part of my story and made my life better. 

Thank You  so much Victor. 
For accepted me . 
My personality, my dumbness, my laziness, my emotion, 
my appearance, my selfishness and my past.

Thank you for accompany me all the time,
Thank you for accompany me when i am down,
Thank You for being with me when i am down hill,
Thank you for never give up on me when I started to giving up .

Too much to said.
Too much to feel.
Too much to thanks
To much to type.

Too much too much..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 CNY CHOR 2 - setiawalk+wanjing's bday

here is my CHOR 2 :)

Went to setia walk with family 
movie movie walk walk photo photo

Since they have a new street call :SHANG HAI STREET 

So we took this opportunity to have a look and leave our footstep =D

The family :)
AGAIN.. brother went to lion dance =')

Lavene and me :)

random unready photo sometimes look nice though XD

Lavene, grandma and my aunt :)

My sweet sweet parents turn ! 

Of cause me myself hahaha without victor still plain :(

In the cinema :) 
The so sweet photo of us . 
Appreciate the time you have with the love one..
Always i remind myself..

oh yeah my dad and mom again =D

ME !

Awkward photo of me :/ 


This photo make me feel like crying .

Mom always  support me, to carry this so big burden of me ,
To always worry, even though she is angry, she still be there ..
And will never leave unless you leave her ...

Wanna grow up faster ..
not this kind of grow. 
But is when i can fetch her around, 
She stay in the house rest,  
She can watch her drama all day long,
Don't have to always work until midnight.
Dont have to worry about me , 
but nah it won't happen.
Every mother  worry her child haha 

But yeah atleast i can be those better daughter that can take care of her 
like what she take care of me when i was young.

This photo. 
Actually is my dad curi curi snap in his Iphone. 
Cause we can't send him photo through anywhere.
He want to leave alot memories . 
He always be the one who curi curi snap photo. 
Until you open his gallery .
you will realise, 
when he took this ? 

Just like us in the real life.
He always be the one who sacrifice alot behind of you,
And you never know until you realise it. 

And yeah.
Our parent.. always be the one , 
doing everything behind of you ..and just for your own good but you never know..

I LOVE YOU daddy and mommy. 
Hope that i'm not too late to realised everything ?

Done with the emo post =P
SO today is also our princess's bday ! 


She is so tired since she travelled from her hometown so sleepy but still need to cut cake for us hahahah

Wan Jing. 
May God bless you always.
Be healthy, be happy .
Hopefully she will be a great woman in the future 

All the best wanjing  !

Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 CNY CHOR 1 :)

So as usual. I went to my church for the mass :)
To thanks God for the previous year. Things that i have done nicely or wrongly. To get what God trying to hints me .
To  pray that this year will be a better year for my family, my love one and me myself. 


My family. 
Always there is a missing boy which is my brother. 
He is busy lion dance so can't join the family reunion . 
But yeah, He is getting better day by day year by year. 

Dad who are not with me always . 
But the love he gave me will never decrease but increase. 
Travel for so many hours to just meet the family . 
Dii. I LOVE YOU . really .. I DO.

Never forget my boy who always by my side. 
Be it good news or bad news. 
He is the one who support and never give up on me . 
Lend me shoulder when i need,
Wipe off my tears when i cry .
Calm me down if I am not in the mood. 

He is the one that never give up on me and accompany when i need people the most. 
No word can replace what i want to say to you . 
Thank you for everything ~!

Mei Jia. 
Who gave me job opportunity. 
So one of my ambition is to be a teacher . 
But i can only be the sunday teacher so far. 
She introduce a Job for me - Tuition teacher.  
interact with all the cute kids.
Unhappiness will gone once you meet the childrens :)


Always cheer me up and listen to me . 
my mei mei. 
Everything will turn out right when you talk with this girl .
Because she is just so cute :)

They said Laveme's heel match my cheongsam :D

Random sai meng photos =P

Tee Hee



haha model model 



Sweet chor 1 


17012014 The cousins :)

 FEI LOU LOK LOK AT MANZAI's gor gor house

Samantha , my little cousin :)
she can think quite mature in this age ~
big girl :)

Lavene, getting prettier and prettier year by year. 
She started to become independent girl then before.
the pretty :)

Veronica, getting mature year by year .
She started to know what to do and what to not do . 
Proud of her. 

Some photo of us ;)

Justin. Still haven grow taller .
Gigi semua dah nak rosak . 
Change teeth = grow besar ? haha

Because these random memories can make me smile like a kid.

Anthony, the handsome boy. 
Taller than me . *grrrrrrr*
And finally i need to raise up my head to talk with him ;)

youngest to the older ._______.

the supergirl :)

Queentin, the boy who manja me and victor alot. 
He is so small before this , and now he camwhore with me :')

Ans alot more .......... cousin, uncle, auntie. Soon when i have the time i will post ot up haha 

Thanks God for everything you gave me .