Wednesday, November 27, 2013

year end year end

phewwww~~~~ long time no blog !

Let's update some of my current life i guess

so.. life is good. nothing big happened .
 maybe more to grow ? not physically but mentally i suppose

 study was good. last sem in foundation. *hahaha* why still foundation*  *sob sob*

so .. love and life for this year I will be a facilitator. 
Seriously, i am not that confident to be a faci though, since i am so small in .. everything..
little tiny tiny girl there . hahaha
not good in language and those..
sometime feel hard cause i dont know what is their topic since i am really grow with all chinese people.
Not sure what kind of topic will they talk about, so is kinda lost some how.
But, day by day. everything goes smoothly i guess. 
They started approach me, talk to me . to not let me feel so...... FOREVER ALONE 
Thank you. =') *touch touch

Hope that i can be a good faci =)

oh and by the way, hope will get a good gred for this sem =')