Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Is like all the dark cloud flying out of my life for now.
The sun is coming out and greet with me.
Can smell the summer haha although raining everyday lol

Yea.. Life is happy is good .
Found a nice friend from degree .  Photo can't be upload with phone aish . Maybe  when my laptop can be use then lol

good boyfriend beside 😍😍 that helped a lot for my coursework hahahhahaha shhhhh xD

Also , bunch of secondary school friend catch up with .😉😉

Family is nice , warm . Sweet 😊😊😊

Ahh everything is just good !

Stay positive thinking
Gooood.  Stay it ! Keep it ! Do it !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Almost the end

Is study week now.. almost done my Y1S1 .
Everything goes out smoothly. Satisfy for the performance so far.
And yeah still have the bad habit which is keep for last minit job ..
like !#$@$^%$&%&   ahhh


coursework is alot in this course but yeah is fun ='D I..s..... F...U...N.....  YEAH

The coursework mark is still acceptable.
No doubt my performance did better than the foundation .='D

Hopefully it will last until the end of my study life.
But there is no end for study ='D

I mean.. erm... maybe until degree? or ? I got the chance to proceed master ? haha

Let me just think about it ..mmmm

Life is good. Health still not that good.
FLU at least more than 5 times one month.

Anyone know why ? leave a comment if you do .
>>>>>>>>>> just consult doctor easy as that if you want for the answer. stupid ah you ?

<<<<<<<<< my answer :  LAZY  . HAHAHAHA   * epic right ? ngekngekngek *

alright let me stop bullsh*t now and start study . bwaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Friday, August 1, 2014