Saturday, March 29, 2014

Future ?

Hey =D

So .. i decided to update my blog since i have one special VIP enter my blog everyday  =D

I decided to changed my stream from business to education. - Early Childhood Education. 

Before this, I have no idea what to study, what to do, what i like, what i interested in . I don't really like calculation, don't like to sit in the office  from 9am to 6pm. 
I am confusing whether should I continue my degree as business stream or what ...

Short update :
I am not studying since jan - now . I graduated my foundation. I don't feel like continue the degree since it didn't sound and feel right ...  I need more time to think about the 3 years study life( my future) 

 I am currently working 2 jobs.  office job  and another 1 is tuition teacher for standard 1-6.

So, here is the chance God let me to choose my future . I found out that i actually like to communicate with the kids, teach them play with them .wanna to  understand the kids more since they are complicated sometime... hahah  

So my "VIVI" knew I actually have the interest on the kids, he suggested me to choose early childhood.

But... i said... eh. cannot la, no money to earn,kindergarten teacher salary is low and stuff and I keep argue with him . I am sorry .... :(

He said : Can you stop thinking about the money ? Think about what you want, what will make you happy. 

Hit my mind.

Sometime, you can be quite happy if the job is what you like even though it is tiring. 

i) 5k salary full with stress
ii) 2k salary full with happiness

I might choose the first one cause of the money but for sure it won't last long. I can resist the stress.
And I will go for the 2k salary but smiling all the day. 
I can even open a centre if i can !

So  hopefully i will get what I plan with my boy for the next 10 years =)

I wanna appologize and thank you  to my boy. 
For all the time that i shouted at you.
muka tebal . 

I am quite moody nowadays and I'm not sure why am I so moody. 
Put my anger to him , sometimes .. i guess.. ..

Oh yeah one question for you boy
How can you be so patient with this kind of emotion?
I can't even "TAHAN" myself. really. LOL

Thank you so much . I know you love me more than I do . 

I will try to change to be not so moody ... simply put anger on other.

Thank you for being with me to pass all the challenges. 

I have nothing more to say than I LOVE YOU.