Monday, March 22, 2010

♥pergi jusco..n saw tiz==♥

2day go jusco makan**KENNY ROGERS**..yummy yummy..:P
spelling correct mah.? feel like ada kesalahan==
firstly.. the waiter jx giv us d muffin..^^
my bro..^^ makan-ing.. den me shooting her *CUTE * face~

den cx d minuman amat mahal.. den we jx wan 3 hot water ..^^~~ haha.~~ BERJIMAT-CERMAT..(teaching moral value^^)

finally it come to my table( my quarted of chicken==)

hehe. look delicious..^^~
and tiz iz mine..^^~

orkay..^^ started makan..^^
then my brother take tiz foto.. takada quality ni==takada quality ni==takada quality ni==

shoot dao me so weird..==

finished..== yier..~~ the look not so good==

den i accompany mama pergi beli sayur..^^
good daughter rite.?? mao belajar vivien la..~~^^

then i saw tiz.. ~ wat vegetable so expensive.. ==
really lo... RM68..~ RM32..==

den we go ask o .. mana tahu dia cakap type salah==
apa maciam..== sayur mana mngkin RM30 & above==